15 Minute Jam

The classic ratio for jam is an equal amount of jam to sugar. This is for a classic jam that can be stored at ambient temperatures and will last for months. If you like a lower sugar jam use half the amount of sugar to fruit. Remember though it will have to be stored in a refrigerator after its cooled and used within 2-3 weeks and it will have a runnier consistency. If you think making jam involves huge vats of boiling fruit take a fresh look. Making jam in small batches is quick, stress free and its ready to use as soon as it cools down. In the time it takes to bake and  cool a classic Victoria sponge you could have made your own jam for the middle! Use this recipe for stone fruit, berries and currants.

Download a printable version of the recipe 15 minute jam

300g fresh or defrosted Berries (strawberries, raspberries, tayberries or a mix)
gooseberries, blackcurrants and stone fruits will work here too
300g jam sugar (this has added pectin which helps the jam to set)
Juice of I fresh lemon

Place the berries in a thick-based saucepan and add the sugar and lemon juice. While it is coming up to the boil turn the oven on low. Put 1 large or 2 medium jam jars in a tray in a couple of centimetres of water with the lids by the side Place in the oven to sterilise the jars. As the fruit comes to the boil, stir regularly until it reaches a rolling boil Don’t have the heat up too high as it will boil over but you want it to be visibly bubbling. It should take around 10-15 minutes to reach a syrupy texture (longer if you are using less sugar). When the jam is ready, remove the jars from the oven and spoon in the jam. Allow to cool (I usually cover mine with a sheet of paper towel) or used waxed paper circles. Once cooled put on the lids. Low sugar jam will need to be stored in the refrigerator and should last for up to three weeks.