PR Companies

If you are a PR company looking for a food blogger to review a food business please get in touch:

Please be aware of the following:

I only publish reviews of food, products or brands that I really like and that I think my followers will too! My preferred business types are those that are independently owned but in exceptional cases I do review the occasional restaurant that is part of a chain.

My geographic region is the South East of England in Surrey and across the borders.

I never write anything negative but if I try out something I don’t like I will give constructive feedback rather than publish this information.

If you invite me to review your clients business I just want to have the same experience as any other diner/customer to produce a realistic write up. I will also make it clear to my readers that I was a guest.

Email me at or phone me 07917891881

For more information about me and the services I offer such as food photography please look at my website

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